Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(Second) Best Thing I have heard in a while: Throw Me the Statue

I must say it has been quite a surprising last couple of weeks for me. I have been in the mood for some run of the mill indie pop lately, and I found it. I finally downloaded Throw Me the Statue and am enamored with Moonbeams. Truly almost every song on the album is solid. TMTS slings in some wicked noises with bass drops and scratchy organs for you Postal Service koolade-drinkers. The album is slam packed with fun bouncy numbers and also manage to master the acoustic swayers. "Lolita" is undoubtedly one of the standout tracks along with "Moonbeams, " "About to Walk," "A Mutinous Dream." Honestly, its hard to pick favorites. Very fun tunes. I did not post the cd cover as to not turn this site into a softcore blog. If that tickles your fancy, head over to amazon and check it out.

Hail from: Seattle
If you like: The Shins, Vampire Weekend, Postal Service
Available: eMusic, iTunes, Amazon
Website: Myspace
Download this first: "Lolita" and "About to Walk"


Adam Clark said...

How bout an update and some pics from Double Decker? Did you see the Avett Brothers pics they posted from Oxford on their Myspace? Good stuff.

Adam Clark said...

Also, Coldplay is offering their new single for free.


Adam Clark said...



Clyde said...

Double decker update will be posted probably by tonight.

Blythe said...

I like these guys. Got "About to Walk" from KEXP song of the day and have been wearing it out. Will have to download the whole CD now.