Sunday, October 30, 2005

Spoon with Super Diamond at New Daisy Theater at Memphis, TN

Super Diamond is on the top left picture. Spoon is in the remaining ones.

The Venue:
As always the New Daisy Theater was perfect. The place was decorated with Sin City theme which was obviously done by Spoon's agent or record company. All in all it was pretty funny though. They had pole dancers and casino tables everywhere with a Las Vegas backdrop. I think it was sponsored by Camel cigarettes.

The Opening band:
The opening band was hilarious: A Neil Diamond Coverband called Super Diamond. Many of us were singing along to all of the cheesy favorites such as: Coming To America, Love on the Rocks, Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon, Sweet Caroline. One cool part was at the end of Sweet Caroline they broke into "Sweet Child O' Mine." and sang the lyrics to Sweet Caroline. All in all they were amazing.

Spoon satisfied every need I had. They played every single song I wanted to hear. Off of
Girls Can Tell they played
"Me and the Bean,"
"Beleiving is art,"
"Lines in the Suit,"
"The Fitted Shirt" and
for encore my favorite "Anything You Want." and possibly others.
Gimme Fiction:
They started of with "The Beast and Dragon, adored," others they played on
"Sister Jack,"
"I Summon You,"
"Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine,"
"I Turn My Camera On" and
my favorite "Mathematical Mind" which they absolutely rocked out.
On Kill the Moonlight, they played,
"The Way We Get By."
"Two Stakes"
"Jonathon Fisk" among others.

The Crowd:

We decided that "Indie" kids are not very cool. They are too afraid to have fun at concerts. I miss the hippie crowd in my hippie phase. My friends and I were probably some of the oldest there and probably dancing the most. Indie kids just stare at the band.....More on this later with the Death Cab in Nashville review. Posted by Picasa

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