Sunday, April 20, 2008

Patterson Hood Live at Proud Larry's in Oxford, Miss.

Patterson Hood of the Drive By Truckers put on one heck of a show at Proud Larry's last night. It was a very intimate show. John Neff's steel guitar was hypnotizing, Patterson sounded so crisp, and the Jay Gonzales' keys added a new dimension. Of course, Hood's banter was equally as entertaining, while not going on too long. Hood absolutely loved the crowd and honestly went on and on about how amazing the crowd was. Highlights were "Tornadoes," "Heathens," and on "World of Hurt" when he yelled "Its great to be alive, It's f***in great to be alive," and everyone one, of course held their beers up and let out a third degree redneck yelp-howl. Of course, your humble narrator did likewise.

1. A**holes
2. Tornadoes
3. Uncle Disney
4. Pollyanna
5. Murdering Oscar
6. Something's Got to Give
7. Heathens
8. The Opening Act
9. Feb. 14
10. Heavy and Hanging
11. Rising Son
12. Alice
13. Old Timer's Disease
14. Pride of the Yankees
15. My Sweet Annette
16. The Living Bubba
17. World of Hurt
18. I'm in Love with a Girl (Big Star cover)

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