Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scare-D Cat......Cat Power in Memphis.

Last Wednesday, I ventured up to Memphis for a concert. Cat Power was playing. I recommend never going to see her live. First of all, only one blue light shined upon her. You could barely see her. Then, she asked lighting guy to turn off that one “bright light” that was shining on her. The light was like a small blue flashlight and was the only means of seeing anything on stage. Cat Power live is entirely too slow. She was by herself and while her voice is amazing, I found myself bored. She alternated from guitar to piano. Then, the losers in the back kept being loud, and she started singing about how much of a boring bitch she was. Strange. After her sobfest, she started hammering on the keys, and then ran off the stage never to return. Don't get me wrong, she is an amazing musician. Her music is beautiful but a terrible live show. She has major social anxiety issues which is fine. But, come on, you are a musician. If you are that much of a freak, don’t tour. Someone please tell me why power is in her name. Excuse the dark picture for obvious reasons it was not my fault. Posted by Picasa

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