Monday, May 07, 2007

Modest Mouse and Man Man live in Birmingham

I missed Love as Laughter. Man Man is insane. I have never seen a crazier live band. The band was huddled up tight playing and screaming like you have never seen. Very cool. Their music is very strange but hey sometimes it works (see Tom Waits). Pics and vids describe most of what I saw.

You may want to pause the player to your left so two different things won't be playing.

Isaac Brock is offically a meat. His vocals and guitar were flawless. They honestly absolutely blew the roof off. Crowd was also great. Highlights were "Tiny Cities," "Doin the Cockroach," "Trailer Trash," and "Spitting Venom." Nice mix of old and new. I did want to hear "Parting of the Sensory" or perhaps "March Into the Sea" but oh well I can't complain. The old stuff was nuclear good. I have always wanted to shout "Fakes" with a crowd of people during "Trailer Trash." The sound was a little raspy? But I think it was the arena. Nevertheless, it honestly doesn't matter. On "Florida," "We've Got Everything," and "Missed the Boat," Marr filled in James Mercer's parts very nicely see video below. Marr's guitar and singing are amazing additions. Being on Fourth row was not too shabby. All in all a Very Very solid show. Setlist and video below.


Paper Thin Walls
We've Got Everything
Fire It Up
Fly Trapped in a Jar
Float On
Trailer Trash (with a partial other song tacked on end?)
Little Motel
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes (partial song on end)
Missed the Boat
Doin the Cockroach
The View
Spitting Venom > partial I Came As a Rat

Missed the Boat
You may want to pause the player to your left so two different things won't be playing.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome show. Tom Peloso gave me a set list after the show. Apparently, they were also supposed to play "Dramamine/Spitting Venom" and "Breakthrough/Styrofoam Boots." They played "SB" the night before in Atlanta as a "bonus song."