Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Double Decker Festival 2008: Backstage at Avett Brothers and other ramblings

Double Decker Festival was probably the greatest musical day I have likely ever had. The lineup was incredible and judging from everyone I talked to "was the best lineup since I can remember." The day started with Afrissippi, who thoroughly impressed me. Quilted with a reggae/Afro-pop vibe, the African-Mississippi group put on one heck of a show in front of a fairly large crowd. I will be soon purchasing their album.

Photo by Steven Warren

Next was Dent May & his Magnificant Ukulele. May appeared on the stage shrouded in his usual strange hipster getup. Dude had on cut-off shorts and of course his clear harry potter rimmed specs. May and the boys flung about ten to fifteen beach balls to the crowd. Most notably, one of his buddies was cooking burgers on stage to share with the audience. About a song into the show, the burger-griller put on an apron with a picture from the neck down of a naked man. I honestly could not quit laughing. As to the music, not a bad show. May's voice strikes resemblances to that of Zach Condon of Beirut, but with more of a hawaiian feel.

The next act I caught was the Hill Country Blues Review which consisted of two North Mississippi All-stars (Cody Dickinson, and Duane Burnside). They mastered the blues rock of NMAS while capturing some old favorites like "Skinny Woman."

Photo by Steven Warren
As I glanced at my watch I realized Colour Revolt had just started, so I scurried over with my head down in hopes I would not bump into anyone I knew to prolong my absence any longer.
On the way, I tried to explain these guys to my brother-in-law as one of my friends chimed in that we were going to see Pantera...hilarious. Anyway, I compared them to Fugazi or Coldplay with angst. But truly he hit the nail on the head when he described them as sounding like Modest Mouse. Colour Revolt rocked out as they always do, and certainly pleased us. Among the songs I heard were "Moses of the South," "Mattresses Underwater" and "Swamp." New stuff sounded excellent.

Photo by Steven Warren

Here is where it got interesting. Our friend, Mary-Kathryn Milner, who is in charge of Double Decker, graciously gave us backstage passes for Blue Mountain and Avett Brothers. I would like to thank her publicly for this kind guesture. It truly made my night one of the best ever. Blue Mountain sounded wonderful pulling out old backroad favorites like "Soul Sister," "Hippy Hotel," and "Blue Canoe." They played a couple of new ones that also sounded amazing, and announced a new album and a live album to be released soon. It is truly amazing to watch a show backstage.

In the middle of the show, we got to go inside the tent to meet the Avett Brothers and get signatures. They were truly genuine and very cool. Very normal dudes. P.S. They have a new cd/ep coming out in July called the Gleam II.
After Blue Mountain finished, I decided to head to the front row with some of my buddies for a little dancing and singing. The brothers started out with "Shame" with the crowd singing at the top of their lungs. These guys are so energetic and such an unmatchable live show. I talked to numerous people who said it was "The best show I have ever seen." These people even included folks who had never heard of them. Right after "Go to Sleep" I decided to check the viewpoint from up on the stage, so I proceeded around back and stood on the side of the stage. Unreal. Songs of note were "Go to Sleep," "Distraction," "Pretty Girl from Chile," and "If its the Beaches."

They rocked out on "Pretty Girl from Chile" like they were a heavy metal band. SEE VIDEO BELOW. They continue to sell people on their music through their live shows. If you haven't seen them, go do it as soon as possible. They are playing in Henderson, TN on Friday and Little Rock, AR on Saturday.

Photo by Steven Warren


Distraction #74
Left on Laura, Left on Lisa
Denouncing November Blues
Go to Sleep
November Blues
Paranoia in B major
(Something) Time Machine - New Song
And it Spread
Pretty Girl from Chile (SEE ENDING BELOW)
encore - If its the beaches

Photo by Steven Warren

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