Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Roots Rock Update: Giant Bear

Another Bear band has arrived. Giant Bear, an alt-countryish band out of Memphis, released their self-titled cd back in June. Lead singer, at times, echo the raspy baritones of The Boss (Bruce Springsteen). "Nashville" recently appeared on Paste Music's Sampler for this month. Packed with cellos that sound like violins, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, and accordians, GB certainly takes me back to the rootsy-ness of Uncle Tupelo and Whiskeytown. Jana Misener sings leads the vocals in a few tracks while accompanying harmony in most. (she sounds similar to Neko Case.) They even threw a NIN cover of "Head Like a Hole."
They are playing in Oxford this weekend. I have a wedding and cannot make it....
CD's can be bought via their website or iTunes or eMusic.
Strongest song on cd posted below:

Nashville - Stream

Sep 20 2007 Detroit, MI 9:00 pm Corktown Tavern
Sep 21 2007 Chicago, IL 3:00 pm WLUW 88.7 Live In-Studio
Sep 21 2007 Chicago, IL 10:00 pm Red Line Tap
Sep 22 2007 Milwaukee, WI 10:00 pm Lulu's Cafe
Sep 29 2007 Oxford, MS 9:00 pm Two Stick
Oct 5 2007 Memphis, Tennessee 8:00 pm Otherlands
Oct 12 2007 New Orleans, LA 10:00 pm Dragon's Den
Oct 13 2007 Lafayette, LA 10:00 pm Artmosphere
Oct 20 2007 Houston, TX 9:00 pm Last Concert Cafe
Oct 24 2007 McKinleyville, CA 9:00 pm Six Rivers Brewing Co.
Oct 25 2007 Eugene, OR 8:00 pm Sam Bond's Garage
Nov 1 2007 Denver, CO 9:00 pm Meadowlark
Nov 2 2007 Gunnison, CO 10:00 pm Gunnison Brewery
Nov 8 2007 Champaign, IL 9:00 pm Cowboy Monkey
Nov 9 2007 Chicago, IL 9:00 pm Uncommon Ground
Nov 10 2007 Milwaukee, WI 9:00 pm ArtBar
Nov 24 2007 Memphis, TN 10:00 pm P&H Cafe
Dec 7 2007 Fayetteville, AK 9:00 pm Boom Boom Room
Dec 8 2007 Little Rock, AK 10:00 pm White Water Tavern
Jan 25 2008 Shreveport, LA 10:00 pm Jackrabbit Lounge @ L'il Joe's
Feb 8 2008 Chicago, IL 10:00 pm Piece Brewery
Feb 9 2008 Des Moines, IA 9:00 pm Vaudeville Mews
Feb 21 2008 Knoxville, TN 9:00 pm Preservation Pub

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Anonymous said...

I like this band too. Word is that they will also be in the "4 To Watch" section of next month's Paste magazine. They're going somewhere...