Sunday, September 09, 2007

Avett Brothers in Memphis at Delta Fair and Music Festival

Avett Brothers 153
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These guys are climbing places in my favorite bands. I truly can't get enough of them. Not only are their Cd's unreal (right now Four Theives Gone is my favorite but Emotionalism is incredible and I am just now listening to Mignonette) but their live show is unmatched. As you can gather from the videos below, they put on a show. I think Scott broke five banjo strings. It is hard to rock that hard without breaking strings. I thought it was incredible how Scott had a kick drum at his feet while Seth had a high hat at his. Very solid show and solid setlist.

Avett Brothers 212
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PG From Chile*
Weight of Lies*
Swept Away*
Wanted Man*
At The Beach
Backwards With Time
16 In July (Seth solo)
Distraction #74*
Will You Return*

That's How I Got To Memphis*

* = w/ Joe Kwon

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I love eclectic song lists
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