Monday, August 27, 2007

Poll results, New Poll, Avett Cont'd.

Poll results are as follows:

Favorite My Morning Jacket album:
19 votes:

Z - 7
At Dawn - 7
It Still Moves - 4
Tennessee Fire - 1

Very surprising results. I did not think Z would get that many votes (although I do love it). My vote was for It Still Moves. That is the album that got it all started for me, I guess that is why.

New Survey put up: Who You would like to see re-unite (since I would bet Uncle Tupelo will be overwhelmingly number 1), please VOTE FOR TWO BANDS.

Listened a lot to Emotionalism by the Avett Brothers this weekend. Incredible album. A little slow at times but all in all incredible.
"The Weight of Lies" is one of the most unreal songs I have ever heard. Absolutely beautiful. I will post the Mp3 by the end of the day.. Just trust me and go download it on iTunes. 99 cents worth of pure bliss.

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