Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Great Banjo Post

Update: Added Monsters by Band of Horses on Pluckin' Cd. Go to Song to Song to load-down. I can't believe I left this one off. Just add it to your Pluckin' Collection.

This Post is to celebrate one of the greatest instruments in the world...The Banjo. I would recommend downloading all of these and making a great double mixed cd for a good road trip or just a lazy Saturday. Every one of these songs is accompanied by a banjo.

These tracks are not just a couple of random banjo songs that are decent, most of these songs are classic songs that I absolutely love.

Volume I
Click Here to Download Whole CD: Please Pet the Banjo

Or Song By Song

Baba O'Reilly (Teenage Wasteland) - Acoustic Syndicate
Come Thou Fount - Sufjan Stevens
Dueling Banjo's - Unknown
Everyone's a V.I.P. to Someone - The Go! Team
Houses on the Hill - Whiskeytown
I Thought I Held You - Wilco
Lil' King Kong - Simple Kid
Mother's Only Son - Yonder Mountain String Band
No More Parades - Son Volt
Sandusky (live 11-11-93) - Uncle Tupelo
Tear Stained Eye (live at KCRW- great version) - Son Volt
Will You Return? - Avett Brothers
Your Rocky Spine - Great Lake Swimmers

Bonus: Alpha Beta Gaga - Air also under Song By Song

Volume II.

Click Here to Download Whole CD Pluckin'
Or Song By Song (click to add: monsters).

1234 - Feist
Easier - Grizzly Bear
Float On - Pickin on Modest Mouse
Jezebel - Iron & Wine
Kissing the Lipless - Pickin on The Shins
Left On Laura, Left on Lisa - Avett Brothers
Update: Monsters - Band of Horses
Stomping Grounds - Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Sweet Black Magic - Ryan Adams
The Magician - Jason Isbell
Wave that Flag - Uncle Tupelo featuring Brian Henneman of Bottle Rockets
We All Lose One Another - Jason Collett
What's the World Got in Store - Wilco

Bonus: If All Else Fails - My Morning Jacket in Song By Song


mike said...

hey great post this was just recently shown to me. i run a banjo tablature website I was looking to break away from mostly sufjan stuff. This has given me a great boost!


carrie said...

great selection of tracks...I'm learning the banjo and its good to hear non-bluegrass tracks cuz there's lots of different ways of playing. Have you heard the joe pisapia lp Daydreams? That's cool. Also Le Loup.

Anonymous said...

hey, i love your website its real great.

but hey, about those cd's to download, that banjo ones. every time i click the link it says something about an error, how can i fix that.


get back at me at

Gretel Mary My said...

i desperately want to listen but it is saying error, pretty pretty please help?!

Jamie said...

Does anyone know where to find any of the Banjo tabs for THE SHINS bluegrass tribute. There's a lot of the "picking on" series but the tab for these songs has been impossible to find. I rescently started playing banjo but I don't listen to a whole lot of bluegrass...It would be nice to pick along with songs I like. Any help would be great!!

Jeffrey said...

Hey there, I like what you are doing and would love these tracks, but it seems savefile isn't working... If you could please resolve this problem it would be greatly appreciated by all.
You can get back to me at

Anonymous said...

Any chance that the banjo collection is still available somewhere?
Am trying to compile 1 CD of nice banjo songs and am having lots of difficulty :-)

Have a couple of Sufjan, one from the Audreys, a couple from Krauss/Plant, 1 Tom Waits and that's about it.

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