Friday, August 24, 2007

The Avett Brothers: Punkgrass at its finest.

I have been meating out on The Avett Brothers recently. They are playing Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) in Memphis at 5:15 for the Delta Fair & Music Festival. So far, I am obsessed with Four Thieves Gone. I have only listened to their new Cd Emotionalism once through, but was very impressed (a little slower but still great). The Avett Brothers are supposed to be an incredible live show. I have heard that from everyone I know who has ever seen them live. Their music is packed with banjo's and guitars. As one of my buddies described it, their music is "Punkgrass." mp3 - Distraction #74. Check out other songs on Hype Machine


Oxford Music Snob said...

Emotionalism has been my favorite album this year, and I've worn out the older albums too since discovering them.

Amy LaVere is playing that day in Memphis too. We're definitely making the drive up from Oxford.

Sir Jhon said...

I saw them a couple years ago, and they sounded totally different. I love when bands evolve and morph