Thursday, May 01, 2008

Music in the Blogs

Best shirt I saw at Double Decker Festival.

Not sure if you want to buy RC endorsed Throw Me the Statue? Convince yourself with Mp3's over at The Futurist with 5 live mp3's and an interview. Check it out.

Jim James and M Ward play acoustic at St. David's Church SXSW. Snag over at Aquarium Drunkard
Disk 1 (part 1) - M Ward (solo)

01) Sad, Sad Song
02) Oh Lonesome Me
03) Poison Cup
04) Rollercoaster
05) Duet for Guitars #3

Disk 1 (part 2) - Jim James and M Ward

06) Chinese Translation
07) One Life Away
08) Outta My Head
09) Wonderful (the Way I Feel)
10) Golden
11) Look at You

Disk 2 - Jim James

01) Bermuda Highway
02) It Beats 4 U
03) What A Wonderful Man
04) Sec Walkin’
05) Librarian
06) Smokin From Shootin
07) Thank You Too
08) I Will Be There When You Die
09) Gideon

Death Cab plays Daytrotter and gives us two new tunes in Mp3 format along with some classic oldies. Grab it over at Daytrotter

Coldplay offers a new Mp3 from their upcoming album on their website. I actually dig the song as well. Not sure about the rest of the album though. Go get Violet Hill

Pitchfork TV has the following great performances:

Okkervil River - Don't Look Down

Vampire Weekend: Secret Session, Columbia University ADP Literary Society

The Thermals - Don't Look Down

New chip that will allow an mp3 player to hold half a million songs? Read it here.

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