Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Ratatat Album out July 8th

Sure to be another highlight of the great music coming out this summer, Ratatat will be releasing its third full-length album entitled LP3 on July 8th. As Clyde has nodded to in his Monthly Mixtape, these guys put out some infectious guitar and big-beat-driven hip-hop electronica, which is undeniably catchy. Their self-titled debut was subtle yet funky, and Classics (released 2006) was stellar and bombastic, and has been spinning on my running mixes for some time now. Can’t wait to hear the new one (and the predicted LP4 too) and hopefully they’ll hit a few southern locales on a supporting tour. Check out their website for a free download of their hip-hop mixtape. Here is an mp3 B-side from the upcoming album. Shiller

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