Sunday, February 17, 2008

Review: The Whigs - Mission Control

Finally getting around to reviewing few week old Mission Control by The Whigs. I am very impressed with this tight, guitar-fueled album. Without a doubt, The Whigs echo the lo-fi-garage 90's glory bands such as Dinosaur Jr. Packed with catchy choral hooks, Mission Control is really a first-listen nod. Pretty much grabbing me with the opening track "Like a Vibration", MC begins strong with heavy distortion and continues to please. "Production City" has a definite INXS feel. "Sleep Sunshine" is one of the finer tracks that is accompanied by a eerie yet gliding slide guitar that really works. The strongest track is "I Never Want to Go Home" which is an instantly classic indie ballad showing a much softer side. Parker Gispert's voice shines with his gravel road, husky tone almost The Boss-esque. Its worth forking over ten measly bucks for this fella. Go grab it.

Best Track: "I Never Want to Go Home"
They Hail From: Athens, Georgia
Sound Like: Dinosaur Jr., Pavement, but have a notable indie rock sound.
Available on: eMusic, Amazon, and iTunes.
Websites: Myspace; Homesite
Tour in South: 2/23 Nashville

"Right Hand on My Heart"
Right Hand On My Heart

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