Friday, February 08, 2008

The Felice Brothers at Hi Tone in Memphis: A Live Review

The Opening Act:
Justin Townes Earl - Steve Earl's son was a fitting way to start off a perfect 10 musical evening. Earl was very entertaining the entire set, and was accompanied by his mandolin/harmonica player who was equally as talented and entertaining. I recommend his music.

The Crowd:
Although not that packed, the crowd was amazing. Everyone sang and danced right along with each song. There was one creepy guy in the crowd, if you were there you know who I am talking about.

The Band:
The Brothers were shock full of energy. Although rough around the edges at times, the band sounded superb. All three of the singers' whiskey growls are quite pleasing to the ears. After hearing them sing live, it is no doubt they are of the same blood. The new songs sounded raging redic, while the old ones were fantastic live. Some of the slower ones were up tempo-ed up such as "Hey, Hey Revolver," and "Whiskey." With accordions blasting, washboard clacking, and guitar bouncing, its no wonder Bonnaroo decided to give these guys the nod. Their live presence is second to none.

The larger brother seems to be the brains of the operations walking the other ones through what key songs are in and such. The drummer, the oldest brother, is one of the most sensual musicians I have ever seen, basically making love to his snare drum and symbol each time he hammered down a beat. Then, as he sang Radio Song, Christmas Song, and The Devil Is Real, he looked as though he was singing with every drop of blood that pumped through his bare-chested heart, very, very passionate singer.
Ian is the no brainer most amazing voice. The solo "San Antonio" proved his reign. At times, the Brothers looked as though they were thinking "I can't believe people know the words to our songs." But, I have a feeling this feeling will soon become redundant at each show. They are still not one-hundred percent comfortable on stage, but that will come with time. I could go on and on, but I won't. These guys are going somewhere and if I am wrong, it is a dang travesty to the industry. With that much talent on one ticket stub, they are destined to become the next buzz band.

The greatest news I heard all night was there is a new self-titled album coming out March 4th with a mostly new tracks and a couple of old ones. Buy and Check out the new album here

Download free and legal, two amazing tracks:
Frankie's Gun
Wonderful Life

The Setlist:

Send Me an Angel (not the one from the movie "Rad.")
Hey, Hey Revolver
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Helen Fry
Where'd You Get Your Liquor
Ruby Mae
White Freightliner Blues (traditional)
Radio Song
Thirteen (Big Star cover)
Unknown song
Cincinnati Queen (?)
Frankie's Gun
The Ballad of Lou Welterweight
Two Hands (Townes Van Zandt cover)
The Devil is Real

Greatest Show on Earth
Lie and Cheat
San Antonio (Ian solo)
Christmas Song
Glory, Glory > Wu-Tang Clan Tune> Glory, Glory > Wu-Tang Tune

New Album Tracklist

1. Little Ann
2. Greatest Show On Earth
3. Frankie’s Gun!
4. Goddamn You, Jim
5. Wonderful Life
6. Don’t Wake The Scarecrow
7. Take This Bread
8. Saint Stephen’s End
9. Love Me Tenderly
10. Ruby Mae
11. Murder By Mistletoe
12. Whiskey In My Whiskey
13. Helen Fry
14. Radio Song
15. Tip Your Way

And by the way, Win Butler from Arcade Fire's stunt double was in the crowd.

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