Monday, October 29, 2007

Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans, LA

One of the most underrated music festivals of the year took place this weekend: the New Orleans Voodoo Music Experience. Held in the Big Easy’s historic City Park, this festival has risen from one of numerous multi-day concerts in the city showcasing mostly local talent, to a full-fledge 3 day showcase of up-and-coming talent and rock & hip-hop heavyweights. I always enjoyed this event while I was in NOLA, mainly because of its timing (Halloween) and the freaks it brought out from the Quarter and other neighborhoods (some of which come to follow the Noomoon Worms Union, no doubt), but in the past few years they have really kicked it up notch with their list of acts (this year: Jason Isbell, MIA, Ghostland Observatory, CYHSY, and locals Morning 40 Federation). Reports are that Spoon was fantastic as always, but I would really be interested in hearing about the 1 AM show they performed at One-Eyed Jacks Sunday morning. For reviews of some of the headlining acts, check out’s blog. I look forward to getting My Old Kentucky Blog’s take on the festivities as well.

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