Thursday, October 04, 2007

Survey Says....

Results from Survey (as you may have already seen)20 Votes.
All The Wine 30%
Fake Empire 25%
Secret Meeting 10%
Other Song on cd other than Alligator or Boxer 10%
Mr. November 5%
Mistaken for Strangers 5%
Friend of Mine 5%
Other Song on Alligator 5%
Other Song on Boxer 5%
Abel 0%
Apartment Story 0%
Slow Show 0%

Very Surprising results. No votes for Abel? My vote was for Secret Meeting, probably because that is the song that got it all started for me. All the Wine is definitely in my top 3. I was still surprised that everybody else agrees though. Very Cool. Here are a few more to add to your collection.

Aparment Story (acoustic on WOXY 9/23/07)

All the Wine - live Black Session 11-17-2003

Also, much different version (on video)
Video of All the Wine

Secret Meeting- live on Jools Holland

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