Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Day of Radiohead

If I didn't post something about the Radiohead release day, I think I would be ex-communicated from the Blogosphere. Everyone has very positive things to say about the new album In Rainbows. However, the biggest complaint is the 160kbps sound quality of it. I have tried just recently to get the dang album to no avail. Apparently, the website is loaded down, for it now asks for a username and password??? So, basically I downloaded the album from other means and will wait to "purchase" it from the stupid website. I really don't understand why they didn't prepare better for this, when knowing millions of people will be trying to download. And unlike me, the people who can't get it will download it illegally then never actually pay the money once they get it. I really don't understand it. Anyway if anyone has a trick please let me know. I can find no instruction on the net other than that someone heard if you didn't register yesterday, you are out of luck. It works now!!!! I paid 3.5 pounds which is about $7.50. I figure iTunes is ten bucks and here you are getting poor quality so why not $7.50. I am sure I will buy the cd version as well to capture the sound it deserves. Anyway, I am listening to it as we speak, it truly does sound unreal, old school rocking like Ok, and Pablo, with just a touch of electronic in the background like Kid A. 160 kbps does suck though for a band like Radiohead, we are not talking the Black Keys here, we are talking about the theater sound of Radiohead. Oh well, who am I to complain. Go buy the album and support the band (when you can).

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