Monday, September 08, 2008

Tom Waits: Overrated or America's Best Kept Secret?

At first blush, I shoved Tom Waits into my unpublished "overrated artists" list. I guess I figured out why this list remains unpublished. My opinion of Tom Waits has turned a complete 180. I now see why so many have a love for the man's music. While some of his tunes remain inaccessible to me, I have found many jewels in the rough and have become infatuated with Waits' dusty whiskey gruffs. This will be mostly his slower tunes. Consider this a Tom Waits starter kit.

1. Hold On
2. Long Way Home
3. Falling Down
4. Bottom of the World
5. Downtown Train
6. Come on Up to the House
7. Never Let Go
8. Widow's Grove
9. Rains on Me
11.Take It With Me
12.House Where Nobody Lives
13. You Can Never Hold Back Spring

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