Thursday, September 25, 2008

Conor Oberst Live in Oxford, MS

Before the show, I met Conor at the City Grocery in Oxford and was pleased at how friendly and social he was.
The show was fantastic. The band sounded perfect, and the new songs (some sung by other members of the band) were a delight. I wish I knew the name of the song sung by Nik Freitas. (anyone?) Highlight of the night was probably "I Don't Wanna Die (in a hospital)." Below are videos of "Cape Canaveral" and "Sausalito." Some meathead bouncer made me stop recording at the end of "cape," bummer.

Jenny Lewis' new material sounded much more pleasing than her Rilo Kiley material (of which I am not a fan). Crowd was wonderful, and the new lyric theater had excellent acoustics.


Get Well Cards
Danny Callahan
Cape Canaveral
Eagle on a Pole
Felt the Same Way Too?
NYC - Gone, Gone
Souled Out
Milk Thistle
Corrina, Corrina (traditional/Bob Dylan)
Kodachrome (Paul Simon cover)
I Don't Wanna Die (in the Hospital)

The question marks above are likely the below tunes:
Gentleman's Pact (Smoke Signals)
I Gotta Reason 2
Synathstete (Let Them In)

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