Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Felice Brothers: Live Songs

Scoured the net and found these great live songs from one of my favorite bands The Felice Brothers posted here which include old favs live in Madison, WI on 3/29/08 unless listed otherwise.

Christmas Song (Mercy)
Frankie's Gun
Glory, Glory
Greatest Show On Earth - Live 3/27/08 Omaha, NE
Helen Fry
Hey, Hey Revolver
Radio Song - Live 3/27/08 Omaha, NE
Ruby Mae
The Ballad of Lou Welterweight
The Devil is Real
Where'd You Get Your Liquor
Whiskey in my Whiskey - (Fast Version, which in my opinion is better than old version)
Wonderful Life - Live 3/27/08 Omaha, NE

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