Friday, June 01, 2007

My Morning Jacket Demo's

MMJ just released a demos cd. I haven't gotten it yet but it sounds pretty sweet. Sample it on iTunes.
1. L.O.Z. Intro
2. The Way That He Sings (demo)
3. Hopefully (demo)
4. Bermuda Highway (demo)
5. Just Because I Do (demo)
6. Lowdown (demo)
7. At Dawn (demo)
8. I Needed It Most (demo)
9. Lead Me Father (demo)
10. Phone Went West (demo)
11. Chills (demo)
12. Heartbreakin Man (demo)
13. The Bear (demo)
14. Picture Of You (demo)
15. I Think I'm Going To Hell (demo)
16. Butch Cassidy (demo)
17. War Begun (Live WFPK)
18. Twilight (Live WFPK)
19. Lil Billy (Live Nashvegas)
20. Magic Man

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