Sunday, May 14, 2006

Two Amazing Bands: Colour Revolt and Anathello Live Wed. May 3rd at Proud Larry

First of all, both of these bands are amazing live. Anathallo is very similar to Sufjan Stevens. Their live shows are full of life. They have these huge drums on stage that the trumpet player bangs on. They have around 7 people and many instruments including toy pianos, trumpets, trombones, and guitars. Here is a huge article about them. Here is a great mp3 from them.

Here is a Video of them.

Colour Revolt is from Oxford, MS. Check them out at myspace The live shows have more energy than you can imagine. Their sound is very thick with guitars and an occasional keyboard. The singer has a very solid voice and also screams with great emotion. You can get their EP at insound for $7.00 HERE Here is a sample mp3 Download.

Here is a video of them.

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