Monday, May 08, 2006


Sorry, I didn't post last week our internet was down. Here is what's new. Sunset Rubdown is a side project by Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug. Here is an mp3 of I'll Believe in Anything - (Sunset Rubdown)

New Cd's reviewed.
The new Flaming Lips is pretty good. Yeah Yeah Yeah song is for sure my favorite. "Goin On" is slower but still pretty solid. "Free Radicals" is a Prince type song similar to "I Turn My Camera On." Those are the highlights of the album. The rest are pretty good.

The new Drive-By Trucker's is for sure a let down. I love these guys, but as the critics have mentioned it is too polished. Dirty South is much better. I would have to say "Gravity's Gone" is probably the best song. Although some people don't like when Hood talks I like it on "World of Hurt." "Daylight" by Isobell is also a pretty good song but has nothing on "Danko" or "Outfit" from Dirty South and Decoration Day.

The new Built to Spill's "You In Reverse" is a really good album. It took me a while to like it but now I love it. Opening track "Going Against Your Mind" is long but very good. It starts off with a two minute jam at the beginning. "Gone" and "The Wait" are my two favorites.

I am still rocking Band of Horses and Mates of State.

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