Sunday, April 23, 2006

God Parts the Clouds for Clap Your Jacket Part one

With a 90% chance of strong storms lingering, I didn't know whether to risk driving 4 hours to see Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and My Morning Jacket. I finally decided that the clouds would part and the show will go on, and that it did. It did not even rain once. God loves Jim James. I awoke the next morning to find that my neck was so sore I could not even lift it. I don't see how he (Jim) does it.

(Clap Your Hands is in next post below)
The Setlist:
It was awesome. Between Dondante and Run Thru, I felt like I was at a Pink Floyd show. Here is the Setlist.

The Venue and Crowd:
Rites of Spring Festival Nashville, TN
Great venue. You could bring in a cooler. Sound was great.
The Crowd was not bad. Most people knew a lot of songs. Pretty impressed. Everyone was rocking out.

The Bands:
CHYSY was amazing. They sounded pretty good, but the sound quality was a little lacking. I thought maybe it was just the venue until the Jacket came out. They sounded perfect as usual. Like one of my buddies quoted, "They play every song like it is an encore." Here is some videos of jamming out on "Off the Record"

and "Wordless Chorus" Be sure to wait for the Chorus...pretty cool

Here is the end of the Song where he meats out....

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