Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Stroke your Animal Power

Two new cd's i got recently were The Strokes - First Impressions of Earth; and Animal Collective - Feels.
The new Strokes album has been ripped to shreds by the critics. I personally love the album. The first song, "You Only Live Once" is my favorite song on there. Other good ones are "15 Minutes" and "Electricityscape." It sounds different than the other albums to me, but in a good way. Don't let number 2 "Juicebox" scare you away from the album. It is my least favorite song

Animal Collective is a strange cd, but good. It is very different than most things so beware if you don't have an open musical mind. (Don't feel bad though I still can't bear Deerhoof).

Bonus: There is a good Cat Power show at
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