Wednesday, November 23, 2005

When Pitchfork Stabs Itself

Sometimes the experts are just wrong.
Pitchforkmedia is sometimes just flat out wrong. I am not sure if they do it for dramatic effect or what. To start off, it gave Belle and Sebastian's The Boy With the Arab Strap a 0.8 Review. I mean come on. This album is actually very good. The fact that they could give this a 0.8 and give, for instance, the new Sinead O'Connor album a 6.8 is baffling. I don't care if they are doing it for emphasis this is ridiculous. The song "Sleep the Clock Around" should in and of itself give it over a three. This album has many other songs such as "The Boy with the Arab Strap," "Rollercoaster Ride" and many others that are amazing.

Another mishap is their problem with Kings of Leon. For some random reason, they do not really like any sort of Southern music. They gave both albums terrible reviews. Reviews They gave each albums 4.2 and 4.9 respectively. Both of these albums are very different from any other albums. They poke fun at the song "Soft" calling it basically GRODY. This song is a very clever song and very good. Hey pitchfork, get over the Southern rock thing. It's much better than rap.

Another stabber comes with Bright Eyes Lifted. This is one of the best albums I have ever heard. They give it a mediocre 7.7. Review. I think Conor pissed them off with his line "I do not read the reviews, I am not singing for you." This album deserves a 10.0. It is very creative and completely different. The lyrics are amazingly written.

Pitchfork hates Death Cab. Transatlantacism is their masterpiece. Pitchfork gives it a terrible 6.4. Review. This is yet another very creative very different albums that is groundbreaking. Pitchfork has a hatred for Ben Gibbard because they are too cool for him. Although he did sell out by going major label, this album was before that.

Then we come to an undeserved pitchfork 10.0. Review.Bonnie Prince Billy - I See a Darkness. I mean come on. The album starts off with a bang with "Minor Place". Soon after this song end, break out the sleeping bags and teddy bear. The rest of the album is very boring. Although he is a lyricist, he needs to speed it up a bit. Don't get me wrong it is a good album, but not even close to a 10.0.

Next, we come to the My Morning Jacket Z. Here we go again with Southern rock. This album is a daring different album by one of the most underrated bands out there. Exactly what Pitchfork usually loves. They love a different follow up album. Well they give it a whopping 7.4. Review. "Wordless Chorus" should be enough to push it over eight just by that one song. The whole album is incredible.

Lastly, the clever Sun Kil Moon's Tiny Cities. This album consists of Modest Mouse covers sung by Mark Koselek's Sun Kil Moon. This is a great album. Pitchfork gave it a 3.0. ReviewAre you kidding? Every song on the album is solid. Modest Mouse without the lisp. Can you beat it?

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Anonymous said...

And now we learn to lesson that opinions aren't law. They're just opinions.

Who cares what half of the writers on Pitchfork think anyway? You can't treat it like a single entity of authority when their own writers are in disagreement over how good an album is (see the double scores for both 'In an Aeroplane Over the Sea' and 'Zaireeka') let alone one which preaches 'The Word'.

People who treat as such need to learn to form their own opinions rather than completely taking someone else's word for the be all and end all. Otherwise they're sheep - the one's that argue against that point are especially so.

In other words, don't get your panties in a twist over these reviews. It's not worth it on this one.