Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sun Kil Mouse


On November 1, Sun Kil Moon’s Mark Kozelek will release an album of Modest Mouse covers. Kozelek claims he went and saw them and was blown away. During their last tour, they would randomly play modest mouse covers and finally he decided why not make an album. WOW! Modest Mouse with no lisp!!! (please don’t kill me Isaac).
01 Exit Does Not Exist
02 Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
03 Neverending Math Equation
04 Space Travel Is Boring
05 Dramamine
06 Jesus Christ Was an Only Child
07 Four Fingered Fisherman
08 Grey Ice Water
09 Convenient Parking
10 Trucker's Atlas
11 Ocean Breathes Salty Posted by Picasa

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Katie said...

I sat and watched you work on this post for at least an hour during our Corporations class. The most entertaining part, I think, was your oh-so-attentive-to detail focus in changing the writing on the knife from "mother" to "mouse."

Yeah. I haven't listened to this album yet.