Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latest Listens

There has not been a real plethora of new tunes lately. However, I will impart my opinions on what has been released.

Wilco - The Album
I am a huge fan of Wilco's latest release. I must say I was not expecting much after Sky Blue Sky. However, it exceeded my expectations. "One Wing" and "I'll Fight" have been battling for my top song spot on the album. I do love the "Can't Stand It"-esque "Wilco the Song." I would highly recommend checking it out.

Passion Pit - Manners
Although I am not a huge fan of the electro pop fad, this album is better than the average Pitchfork-approved. "Moth's Wings" and "Little Secrets" are the highlights.

Deer Tick - Born On Flag Day
One of my favorite bands Deer Tick delivers again on their sophomore album. I am still debating on whether it is as good as War Elephant. It is certainly worth a place in your collection. Opener "Easy" is a scruffy ole number that sets the tone for Deer Tick's rough around the edges sound. It will no doubt have you singing "You Don't Know..." "Hell on Earth" is another top track. Great album.

White Rabbits - It's Frightening
I have given these guys another chance, and I am just not that impressed. I mean it is decent, but nothing special. Their music is so monotonous to me. I get bored so quickly. If you are questioning them after hearing the samples, do not buy it.

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