Friday, May 29, 2009

Deer Tick on Brian Williams

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Unknown said...

This was so lovely, I first heard of deer tick from my phone a free download "Standing at the threshold",
I dug it a lot, stoaked to have music coming from my phone and it was good and free. I then saw they were playing at a local bar that I liked and dragged my boyfriend to go see them. Amazing show for a few $s. Crowded show, like sardines, salty n smelly. I got a pic with John from the same cell phone but the pic is crap, because my phone is crap. I tell you this as I ramble on, I bought both Deer Tick albums on itunes, and amazed with all their music. I was even more amazed I got a PDF albums cover with the "Born On Flag Day". All this comes from one band, a secret smile that spreads over lands.
Right on Brian Williams for having them on. They are amazing group of our time.