Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Latest Listen: The Donkeys

Pitchfork is actually good for something besides trendy fuzzy or electronic non-listenable tunes! As I was reading Pitchfork's Guest List Best of 2008,which is essentially musician's top albums, I noticed that Craig Finn of the Hold Steady had many similar albums as I did in his top albums. He also had The Donkeys Living on the Other Side listed of whom I had never heard. He made a reference to Grateful Dead's American Beauty in the description, which immediately caught my one good eye. Coincidentally, I had been blasting Grateful Dead through my speakers quite frequently. Thus, Living on the Other Side came to my attention at the perfect time. The album is basically indie Grateful Dead. Even if you don't like the Dead, if you like indie folk/rock, you will enjoy this number. Packed with laid back groovers, The Donkeys should be making waves in the indie community, but I guess no one has found them yet. The album came out in September, therefore, they have not had much exposure. In my humble opinion, this blows what Dr. Dog is doing out of the water.

From: San Diego, CA
Available: emusic, iTunes, Amazon
Sounds Like: Grateful Dead, Dr. Dog, The Band
Favorite Tune: "Walk Through a Cloud"
Tour in South: Birmingham, AL Thursday, January 15, 2009 at Bottletree

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