Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Felice Brothers Live in Oxford, MS

The brothers tore it up yet again. They sound much more cohesive lately as Farley is really contributing perfectly with his washboard, fiddle, and pots and pans. Simon's passion, Ian and Jimmy's husky vocals, and Christmas's social anxiety made for quite a show. Videos of "Saved" and "X-Mas song (Mercy)" are below.

I talked to Dan, the manager of The Felice Brothers, and he expects a new album to be released by March!!


1929 (new)
Murder by Mistletoe
Whiskey in my Whiskey
Christmas Song (Mercy)
Helen Fry
Ruby Mae
Where'd You Get Your Liquor
Ambulance Man (Coney Island) (new)
Chicken Wire (new)
GD You, Jim
Love Me Tenderly
Saved (new)
Run, Chicken, Run (new)
Don't Wake the Scarecrow
Frankie's Gun
Penn Station (new)
Two Hands (with members of Deer Tick)(Townes Van Zandt cover)

Deer Tick blew me away also. I purchased their disc "War Elephant" at the show and have been blasting it since. I would highly recommend purchasing it if you like alt-country/folky tunes like The Felice Brothers and Langhorne Slim.


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Anonymous said... the looks of the comments above, it appears you're developing quite a fan club. awesome.

and yes, the show was really good. i was a little skeptical at first, but they are a lot of fun live. deer tick was a pleasant surprise as well.


Anonymous said...

Hi - this is the first I've heard about possible FB release in March; thanks for the hot-off-the-press tip! FYI: I see an error in your playlist Christmas Song (Mercy). This is a mix-up I've seen a couple times (including a youtube posting) - I think it comes up when you pull songs from the Through These Reigns and Gone CD, wherein the tracklist doesn't match up with the songs properly. So people think the song "Mercy" that says "show me mercy, and bury this here gun" is the same as "Christmas Song" which begins "A cold wind would come up..." - different songs. Oh another tip, if you have that CD let it keep playing for hidden track Ian solo version of "The Ballad of Lou..."

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