Friday, January 04, 2008

Strengthen Your Avett Catalogue.

I might as well update you on my quest to complete my Avett Brothers collection. I just got Mignonette two days ago (I had a burned copy previously that just didn't cut it). Mignonette ranks up there with Emotionalism and Four Theives Gone. The album begins with a gorgeous version of "Swept Away" which is honestly one of my favorite Avett tracks. Mig continues excite my ears with each new listen. "At the Beach" forces me to curse this cold weather for obvious reasons. If for some reason you have not gotten into these guys, instead of trying to drink the sour Panda Bear Koolade hop on obscure Avett bandwagon, and I promise you will thank me one day. You will transform from Hipster to Hickster (maybe we should make shirts....just kidding).

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shuff said...

$10 says he makes the shirt