Monday, April 09, 2007

Jason Isbell leaves Drive-Truckers

Drive By Truckers' most talented member, Jason Isbell, has left the band. The bad news is that this is a huge blow to DBT. The good news is for Jason. In case you are not familiar, Jason wrote and sings "Outfit," "Danko/Manuel," "Decoration Day" "GD Lonely Love" and "Never Gonna Change" and others. Clearly being the most talented singer/songwriter, Jason will not regret this decision. I recently wondered why he hasn't already left and started a band on his own. He will be releasing a new solo CD, Sirens of the Ditch, on July 10th. Check out some of the tracks on myspace. Both DBT and Isbell claim it is an amicable split. Full announcement from the band is here.

Two Live Jason Tracks:

Dress Blues (of his upcoming record)

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