Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A Conversation With Isaac Brock

Oxford Producer Dennis Herring and Isaac Brock talking outside of Sweet Tea RecordsMy wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Isaac Brock numerous times this past year with their recording of the new album at Sweet Tea Records in Oxford. Finally, I got a good chance to talk to him. He was coming out of Proud Larry's with some To-Go food, and I did everything but chase him down. I yelled, "Isaac" and he turned around. I was surprised at how normal and nice he was. We talked about the new record and how he was finishing mixing it. He then talked about how James Mercer of the Shins came down to Oxford to record (possibly an album appearance). Then, he talked about how he liked Oxford, and then described that he felt like a ghost in the town. Not only did he not feel like a rockstar, he basically said no one noticed him even as a person. He was pretty funny also. As I was trying to talk him in to playing around here, I used the wrong words in describing why they could not. I used the words "commercial success." Which he quickly said, "What do you mean (in a defensive way)?" But, I quickly recovered by explaining I meant that they could not play a small place like proud larry's anymore, and he agreed.

He was also inquisitive of us, which I was surprised of. He asked where we had been and what are we doing here in Oxford. I told him of my intentions hopefully one day being in the music business. His advice to me was that I may not like representing artists although he did say he had a great relationship with his attorney and agent.Of course, I did not have my camera.
Anyway, here are some new modest mouse tunes via Net zoo My favs so far are "Missed the Boat" and "Dashboard."

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