Friday, February 17, 2006

Way Over Yonder in the Library

Once, again Yonder Mountain was amazing. I didn't know that many songs, but honestly it does not matter. The crowd was into it and so was the band. The Library in Oxford was packed. The few songs I recognized were "Left Me in a Hole," "Sherrif's Wife," and "At the End of the Day." YMSB absolutely loves Oxford. They were here since Sunday night. I also found out they came to the Andrew Bird show.
I tried to get them to come to late night, but no one answered the bus door when I knocked. THe reason I did this (other than being a musician stalker) is because they said, "Don't be surprised if we show up at your late night." Also, here are a few of my favorite live YMSB tracks. Includes: a Pink Floyd Cover of Goodbye Blue Sky. HERE

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